The GRAND PRIXis given to the best film of the festival.


Golden and Silver Wave

Golden and Silver Wave Awards are given to the best films, particularly in the categories of tourist and ecology film.


Golden and Silver Pincum

Golden and Silver Pincum will be given to the best Serbian films in the categories of tourist and ecology film.

The opinion of the Council is that it is necessary to introduce a special category of Serbian films which would be separately awarded, as a means of stimulating domestic production of this type of films. Serbian films would also have equal chances in competing for the great prizes of the festival.



The Blue Danube

Since Tourism is a complex area, The Blue Danube award will be given in every special category of Tourist film – Wine, Sports, Cooking, Religious Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Art and Tourism.


White Acacia

White Acacia award is given for:

  • best general sensibility of film,
  • best original score,
  • best cinematography,
  • best editing
  • best directing