Getting there

The distance from the centre of Belgrade to Veliko Gradište and Silver Lake is 115 km. The distance is most easily and most quickly crossed via the motorway Belgrade-Niš.

At the 63rd kilometre of the motorway from Belgrade you turn right towards Požarevac.You should pay attention because this turn is right after the turn towards Smederevo. road sign for pozarevac

After about fifteen kilometres of driving on this motor road, before entering the centre of Požarevac, you turn right and take the bypass at the road sign Veliko Gradište, Kostolac. road sign for veliko gradiste

You drive along the bypass about 10 kilometres, then you cross the bridge on the river Mlava, and continue past the village of Bratinac. At the crossroad, there is the sign Veliko Gradište 28 kilometres. In the next 6 kilometres the road leads through the region of Stig.

road sign to veliko gradiste


The villages that follow are: Sirakovo, Majlovac, Đurakovo-Popovac, Topolovnik and Kumane. There are still 4 kilometres from the exit from Kumane to the sign Veliko Gradište.

Only 300 meters after the sign Veliko Gradište, there is the sign that informs you to turn left to Srebrno Jezero (Silver Lake).

road sign to silver lake

From the turn, you drive for only two more kilometres to the Silver Lake Resort complex, where the guests of the SILAFEST Festival are staying.

From the centre of Belgrade to Silver Lake City, respecting the speed limit, you need 1h and 30 min of driving.