Hasan Arnautovic

Cinematographer Hasan Arnautovic was born in 1951. Until 2016 he worked at the Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He lives in Bihac and has been participating for many years at the Festivals: “Djakovački rezovi”, Djakovo, Jahorinafilm festival, Zagrebtur film festival, Viva festival in Sarajevo, Baku international turism film festival, Srem Film Festival, Mefest “,” Silafest “, where he won a number of awards:” Blue Danube “award for the film” Bihać, city for all time “, the best installation for the film” Time “, special award for the film” Serenade of colors “. Film “Javorov kod” .2014.

He was a member of the “Silafest 2014” jury.