Renate Meschuh, was born in Graz.

1976-1980: Studies at the University of Education in Graz.

After 19 years of teaching, she started to work for Art Media Filmproduction

as production manager.
2013 – 2018 Senior producer and manager of the Company.

Director of  several documentaries for the Austrian Television.

More than 30 International Awards as Co-Producer of the feature Films

“Nabilah” and “Boat People”. Member of the “Young Creative Panther” advisory board.



Advertising Spots, Corporate Media & TV, Art & Social Documentaries and Feature Films.

Andreas Meschuh was born 1955 in Graz.

1976-1980: Studies at the Technical University in Graz.

After 20 years of experience in filmmaking for the Austrian Television and different film-productions, he founded his own

film-company Art Media in 1996.

Art Media is located in Graz, the 2nd biggest town in the southern part of Austria with 310.000 inhabitants.
2003 he built up an Audiovisual –Network of independent filmmakers,
called “Der Annenhof”, with an Animation Company (MKFX), the Bioscope Postproduction KG and the UCI Annenhof, which is the oldest Cinema in town (founded 1909).
2011-2017 advisory board member of the “Young Creative Panther” and the “Cine Art”

Film Commission Steiermark.


Advertising Spots, Corporate Media & TV, Documentaries and Feature Films for TV and Cinema.


Awards as Director, Producer and Co-producer:

2x Nomination: Montreux Image Film Festival 1987, Switzerland

Best Film of the Festival, Monte Catini, 1992 Italy

Citation: New York Filmfestival 1992, USA
Videoclip of the Year 1997, Rennbahnexpress

Nomination: “Staatspreis Wirtschaftsfilm” 1999, Austria

Citation: Diagonale Festival of Austrian Films 2006, Graz Austria
“Green Panther” in Silver (Commercial spot) 2007, Graz, Austria

Nomination “Fast Forward Award” and “Innostar” for Stereoscopic Filmmaking, 2007

Winner of the “Creative Graz Award” for Stereoscopic Filmmaking, Austria 2007

“Best Film of the Festival” Bavaria Young Filmmakers Contest, Munich, Germany, 2007

“Rocking Movies Award” 2009, Graz, Austria

Silver “Goldenes Stadttor”, Berlin 2010, Germany

“Victoria” in Silver, Vienna 2010, Austria

“Grand Prix – Tourism” in Riga 2010, Latvia

“Grand Prix – Film, Art & Tourism” 2010, Plock, Poland

“Silver Screen” US International Film- & Video Festival, Los Angeles 2010, USA

“Golden Wave” for Best Tourist Film, Veliko Gradiste 2010, Serbia

“Grand Prix in Velikij Novgorod 2010, Russia”

“Silver Dolphin” Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2010, France

Gold “Document Art” in Bukarest 2010, Romania

Gold for best Tourism Film in St. Petersburg 2010, Russia

“Grand Prix CIFFT 2010” for the best Tourism Film world-wide

“Staatspreis Wirtschaftsfilm 2011” for Special 3D Creativity

Tourism Innovation Award 2011, Steiermark, Austria
“Silver Dolphin” Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2012, France
Mention & Award for best Tourism TV-Spot, Filmforum Linz 2012, Austria

2016-2018 more than 30 international Awards as Coproducer of “Nabilah” and “Boat People”

Tourist Austria & International: Grand Prix 2018 for best film of the Festival and 2x Gold and 2x Silver