Pegah Ghaemi

Pegah is Persian Australian award winning writer, director and producer, now living in Dubai, UAE. In 2011, Pegah co-found the media company ‘The Works Network’ and also heads it’s creative arm ‘Creation Works’ in Dubai, which predominantly makes films, commercials and visual content. In 2007 Pegah co-found the production company ‘New Wave Films’ in Iran, with a prime focus on women’s films and hiring women crew to empower more women in the industry. Both companies are active till present day. In the early 2000’s, after graduating from the University of New South Whales and working at Australia Film Base, Pegah moved to the Middle East to explore untold stories and a grasp a more raw style of filmmaking, less dependent on technology and more focused on story. Today, Pegah merges her love of filmmaking science and technology with her distinct focus on story, to create compelling content. She’s made commercial and independent, fiction and non-fiction films in Australia, UK, UAE, Germany, Iran and Iraq. Her commercial work includes complete branding films for labels such as Panasonic, Fox channels, Yahlive and Conares Steel. Her films have enjoyed official selections and wins at many festivals including Cannes, Rotterdam and Slamdance as well as broadcast on channels such as BBC, CNN, FOX, and MBC. Having lived and worked in three countries has not only expanded, but also refined Pegah’s cinematic expression. The most distinguished themes running through Pegah’s work both thematically and visually are first, how things are perceived initially and the way a simple angle repositioning or a sudden thematic shift, can completely alter the audience’s perception of a character or situation. The other one of Pegah’s filmic obsessions surfaces in the way in which circumstances and events unknown to the individual can alter the course of characters’ lives, especially when bequeathed or carried through ancestry. Currently, apart from commercial films and music videos, Pegah is completing a documentary based on the Kurdish Yazidi’s living in Iraq and in pre-production for a reality series.