About Festival


The founder and executive producer of the Festival is Production company ALTERNATIVA established in 1993

In past 15 years the Festival is organized in cooperation with the partners who had direct interest in realizing such programmes: CIFFT, National Tourism Organization of Serbia, the College of Tourism in Belgrade, NIB Nongovernmental organisation, …

The ambition of SILKFEST is to become an ever present and highly rated milestone for all filmmakers from the domain world- wide by quality of films, objectiveness of the jury, presence in media, a professional approach to organization of the festival and its related events.


SILKFEST has Tourist and Ecology films as its basic guideline, and according to the modern approach, the Festival Council interprets Tourism in the widest possible sense of the word. Festival is open for Cultural Tourism films; films about wine; about big and famous holy places; spots events…

The development of tourism is nowadays related to ecologically clean areas, so a question is inevitably raised about the ecologically sustainable development of tourism worldwide. Therefore, there is a relation between these two important categories at the Festival.

Besides for TV companies, professional producers and directors, the competition part of SILKFEST is also open for local tourist organizations, non-governmental organizations and associations, individuals who practice ecology or tourism as a hobby or for the love of it…