Zoran Nikolić

Zoran Nikolic

Zoran Nikolić

Master of Economic Sciences

Born on August 26, 1965

Master of Economic Sciences with 37 years of experience in traffic and tourism

Manager BU Požarevac,  Ariva Litas, a company with a tradition of 80 years.

Ariva Litas  is represented in Belgrade and Kragujevac (city transport), Niš, as well as the entire Branicevo district… as well Požarevac, Veliko Gradište, Golubac, Petrovac, Kucevo, Zagubica, Svilajnac..

In addition to transport, we also have tourist agencies in Pozarevac and Belograd, with a wide range of arrangements for vacations, winter and summer arrangements, student and other excursions, etc.

Ariva Litas has been the official carrier of SILAFEST since the very beginning 2008.