Uroš Maksimović

Uros Maksimovic

Uroš Maksimović
President of the Jury

Film and TV Editor

Name: Uroš Maksimović
Date of birth: 11.11.1988
Bulevar Oslobodjenja 164, Beograd
060/ 61-63-033
Faculty of Dramatic Art, Film/TV Editing

• 2011 – 2012: TuckVision production

• 2012 – 2015: worked on TV station B92
• As editor on the last TV Documentary serial „Insajder“, „Patriotska pljacka“,
from the author Brankica Stanković.
• Daily News and Sport News

• 2015 (six months) – Tanjug News agency as editor

• 2015 – 2016: Cinnamone production:

• As editor on TV Documentary serial „Buka i bes/The sound and the fury“,
Episode 2 and 3, from the author Bojana Lekic
• As storyeditor and editor on TV Show „X Factor“
• As editor on promo-commercial videos (Coca-cola, Miller beer, Aqua Viva,
Microsoft, etc.)

• 2016 – from October working as Editor in chief at production. Worked
on over 30 documentary (30min – 60min, as editor and director)

• Debut documentary feature film as Screenwriter and Director „Mora da ovo nije
sve/There has to be more than this“, premiered at Sava Centar 02 December 2016.
(Productions: NIB Alternativa and PANArt)
Award: Second place for the feature documentary on the Human District
International Film Festival, Special price on Balkan New film festival in Stocholm.

• Short fiction film „Momci, gde ste/Boys, where are you” as editor.
Awards: Silver Egg, Kustendorf film festival
Wiesbaden go East, Best short film
Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, Best short film

• Short fiction film „Nesto slatko/Something Sweet“ as editor, project of Sarajevo film
Awards: Second place on the same festival

• Promote video „Pieces“ for Thailand film challenge festival 2013 as director, screenwriter
and editor. Next year, 2014, got call from Kingdom of Thailand to shoot another promo
video „Shiny emerald“. Nominated for the best video of the Krabi province.
The whole production, because of the proposition of the Festival, had to be finished for 10

• As part of the Belgian group „People Coming from Nowhere”, who is working on
importance of art in education, based on philosophy thesis of Jacque Ranciere, worked as
director and editor of documentary film „PhD in One Night“, which is the result of this

• As editor on internet portal „Vice“ – „Poslednji piratski radio u Srbiji“
Broadcast on TV Prva.

• As editor on TV Show broadcast on RTS, which is called “Jutro ce promeniti
sve/Morning changes everything”
• As editor on short documentary “Father Arseni”
• As editor on feature documentary “Saint Clair Cemin, PSYCHE”, production 610
films, New York
• As editor on feature documentary “Reconciliation”, production Vertigo, Ljubljana (Best
editing for 2021, Slovene Film Festival)
• As editor on TV Show broadcast on RTS, which is called “Necista krv/Bad blood”